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The following links are to webpages of concert photos that I, or another Whooligans board member, took at various and sundry Guess Who concerts since 2000.

These photos are copyrighted, and you must obtain the photographer's express written permission in order to use any of these photos. The photos are displayed here for your viewing pleasure, and out of respect and admiration for the wonderful artists/entertainers that are The Guess Who. Thank you for all the great music, guys (Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Garry Peterson, Donnie McDougall and Bill Wallace)! And special thanks to Sam Boyd...for making many of these photos possible!

El Mocambo, Toronto, Ontario -- 12/4/00
Compliments of SQ.

Molsen Ampitheatre, Toronto, Ontario -- 8/30/01
Includes pre- and post-concert festivities.

Toronto, Ontario -- 6/16/2000
Photos compliments of Charlie/Roast Beef

Hinkley, Minnesota --7/22/01
Photos compliments of Kpack/Phil

Moline, IL -- 8/22/01
Photos compliments of Kpack/Phil

St. Louis, MO --9/30/01
Includes pre and post-concert festivities.

Chicago/Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, Illinois --10/01/01
The Great Guess Whooligan Adventure. Includes pre and post concert festivities.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada -- 10/19/01
Includes pre-concert festivities.

Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, California -- 10/22/01
42 concert photos.

Nampa/Boise, Idaho -- 11/3/01
87 concert photos.

Key Arena, Seattle, Washington -- 11/04/01
Over 100 concert photos, plus pre-concert photos of the Guess Whooligans.

Toronto, Ontario -- February 2002
No concert, but there was the CMW Awards dinner....and Sam's birthday party. *S*

Tacoma, Washington -- July 26, 2002
All photos compliments of Alison Spratt.



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